🪞 hi! i (she/they) am a writer, poet, programmer, mischief-maker. 🃏

a chinese american femme smiles, facing golden hour. 
                 her hair is lightly bleached, and she has a nose ring on the left side of her nose. 
                 she's wearing a red sweatshirt from her alma mater, washington state university, 
                 and the neon-green strap of her shoulder bag crosses from her right shoulder to the left 
                 side of her torso, out of frame. in the background, the sky is light blue, with a light powdering of clouds, 
                 and the mirrored windows of apartment buildings glint in the background, in frame 
                 from where she is standing on the rooftop.

facing the future remains intriguing as ever, but practicing being in the present feels vital to understanding what might follow.

i can't stop thinking (or writing) about multiverses & parallel worlds, and i wonder a lot about the poignant affordances of the constrained, imperfect software that forms the substrate of our digital intimate lives (alt text as ekphrasis, compression in tweet-writing, the performance and ritual possible within productivity tools & maintenance work).

consider this website a sculpture to be shaped by time.

🎷🦜🥭 some of my work 💘🤖🌱